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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So, Mrs. Bubba and I went to our first Yankee game of the season last night. We get an 8 game mini pack for weeknights. Last night we remembered how much fun April baseball is in NY, cold and rainy. We snuck down to covered seats when it started raining. But before we went we witnessed what is sad about "yankee" "fans." A group of "cool" guys in front of us starting chanting, "Boston Sucks" to another fan with a Red Sox hat. This is all pretty typical. Then they started chanting "Asshole" when the fan with the Red Sox hat held it back for them to see. Also, I've seen it before. But, in this case, the Red Sox fan was 10 years old. Pretty sad. The ushers did come and say something to them.

On the way home we saw a rat in the subway, not uncommon either. Then we walked down our new street in the UWS (we've moved since last season.) On our way home we saw maybe 10 street rats, most of them running across our paths just before us. We don't see many so called street rats. So that was fun.