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Monday, April 23, 2007

Houston means that I'm one day closer to you...

So, we are in Houston. We arrived last Monday. Here's the play by play.

Monday: Arrive in Houston, on way to Clear Lake from airport receive call from former NY boss wanting somthing. Let it roll to voice mail, answer via email.

Tuesday: Buy 2007 Honda Accord

Wednesday: Chill at the parents house. Check out huge grocery store, eat Mexican food for $7 a plate.

Thursday: Buy 2005 Chevy Cavilier.

Friday: Go look at houses in the Houston Heights, see one we really like, but a bit out of our price range.

Saturday: Mrs Bubba and Bubba's mom are rear ended in new 2007 Honda Accord by some F@*% nut that has no insurance. Ouch. $500 (that's our deductable for uninsured motorist) down the drain for doing nothing wrong. People without insurance probably don't have any money either.

Aside: Learned that, in this week of shootings (V-Tech and in our backyard, NASA) that one should be allowed to carry a gun in their car. Yes, you could be a very reasonable, responsible person and pass all the gun classes that you want, but when someone without insurance hits you and you lose it and the adrenaline is flowing, you can't predict you won't use your weapon. By moving south I became a liberal from a conservative, without changing my views.)

Sunday: Go to eat raw oysters for Mrs. Bubba, but Pappas on the freeway is out, leave, go to Seabrook to Pappadeaux, they are out. Settle for fried oysters, crawfish. Watch Histroy channel program on Sherman's march, learn that he wasn't all bad. I still think he was all bad, I mean, come on. Interesting note, my grandmothers family, see Bubba's Sis's blog, actually buried silver in Tenn. to keep it from the Yankees. Not Sherman, but probably someone just as bad. When we were in NY I wouldn't let my mom take a picture of a Sherman Statue.

Monday: Take 2007 Honda Accord to get fixed. Learn that I have to change my bank account. Apparently I have a NY Chase account and need a Texas Chase Account. Why can't Chase put the civil war behind them and their "yankee" bank get along with their "Texas" bank?

To do List:

Tuesday: Back to Heights for house hunting

Friday: Astros with Bubba's Dad.