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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Walmart and Barnes and Noble

New Yorkers are fighting to keep Wal Mart out of NY. They reasons, they force their suppliers to cut costs so they can undersell the Mom and Pop stores. Also, they under pay their employees, but that doesn't seem to be an issue with the employees. I wonder if the Upper West Siders who think Wal Mart is evil care that the folks in the Bronx may want a chance to save some money on house hold items.

An easy example is bookstores. Barnes and Noble is of course the Wal Mart of books. But, when I go to the Barnes and Noble at 84th and Broadway, it is packed with self righteous West Siders strolling through for their latest Al Franken books. But when I go to Murder Ink / Ivy's Books on Broadway and 94th, which I love, usually it is just me. So, if the big guys are evil, why do you shop there? There are still Mom and Pop alternatives. The truth is everyone likes to save a buck, some just don't admit it.


Bubba's Mom said...

Hey, they have K-Mart in NYC, right?? Personally, I hate WalMart because it's trashy. People in Clear Lake buy their groceries at WalMart and Sam's so they can afford to buy trendy clothes and to gas up their monster SUV's. At least K-Mart sells Martha's merchandise.

As to Barnes & Noble vs the smaller bookshops - it's a matter of ambiance. It can be soothing to go to B&N and walk among the books during the week days - not on the weekends when it becomes everybody's favorite hangout. Small bookstores, like my favorite - Murder by the Book - give you the intimacy of a smaller warmer space and you can easedrop while the clerks are recommending books to other people. It is never fun to be in WalMart, no matter what time it is. And it always smells like stale popcorn.

Pinky said...

I think you may be misunderstanding why people hate Walmart. It's not just because it's the world's biggest store, it's because they use crooked practices and exploit their workers.


You don't see Barnes and Noble doing that.

nikki said...

I go to the Ivy....I like it.

jenifer said...

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