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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Aggie Baseball

One more sports, o.k. two if you count the soccer update, but that is more about racism and how people react to things than sports.

Former Aggie Baseball Coach Mark Johnson has a new job. He has been named the head coach at Sam Houston State University. While at A&M his won / loss record was 876-433. Of the 272 players that went through the A&M baseball program while he was head coach, 227 of them graduated. That's 84%. If you count the 25 more that are on their way to their degree, the percentage climbs to 93%.

Man, I'm glad A&M got rid of that guy...


katielady said...

It's all about the Benjamin's. Forget about what's good for the players and the team.

Bubba's Sis said...

Who's Benjamin? Is he the new coach?


Timmie Smith said...

Yeah, he graduated a lot of guys. But you have to remember that he was fired because Dollar Bill detected a "trend".

I doubt Johnson is going to start wandering around the outfield on trips to Olsen any time soon like a former SHSU coach used to. I think those boys in Huntsville just got a lot tougher to beat.