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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thoughts from Vacation

I'll share some thoughts from our vacation while they are still fresh. We were two nights in Boston, 3 nights in Southwest Harbor in Acadia, Maine, and 3 nights in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Acadia National Park is awesome, Boothbay Harbor is a tourist trap. Anyway, I didn't think of any of y'all for a week, so HA!

  • The girl in the room next to us in Boston, nice performance. We could still hear you down the hall at the elevator.
  • The North End of Boston sucks. Apparently Italian food is a new thing in Boston. We didn't eat any as we got fed up and walked back to McCormick and Schmidt.
  • Boston is small.
  • There are alot of fat people out there traveling the roads.
  • The Atlantic Ocean in Maine is like ice water. It hurts your feet. That's all that got in.
  • I really enjoy hiking. (No one else in my family does, but I do.)
  • There is no end to the amount of crap people will buy because they are on vacation.
  • There is one store in Maine that repeats itself in every Maine town.
  • Dinner reservations should not be required when dining in Boothbay Harbor.
  • If you want a lobster, go to a lobster pound, cheap and relaxed.
  • Lobster is over-rated. (They used to feed it to prisoners and only poor people ate it.)
  • Lesbians enjoy Maine. (I'm guessing, but there's lots of them up there.)
  • People at B&B's will talk to you to hear themselves talk at breakfast. Best to eat isolated, outside.
  • I think our innkeeper killed his first wife and stuffed her somewhere. (I've seen Misery.)
  • The Mass. Turnpike sucks. SUCKS! 45 minutes to go 15 miles westbound today when we bailed out. In the middle of no where. SUCKS! We were o.k. coming into Boston on Friday afternoon, but not going west on Sat. afternoon. I hate the Red Sox now because of the Mass. Turnpike.
  • Tolls really slow down interstate traffic. Something should be done about this. Why does it work in NJ but not elsewhere in the NE?
  • Texans, get ready for toll roads.
  • The Mass. Turnpike is ridiculous stretch of road. Do people do that every weekend?
  • We are learning our way around NYC, which is pretty remarkable considering we've driven in the city like 5 times. We took a detour today, in the Bronx! It was like Bonefire of the Vanities.
  • Friday quitting time at the Bath Iron Works is quite the site.
  • Cool things people in Maine say, "wicked for very", "Bah Hahbah for Bar Harbor"
  • Maine people really aren't that friendly.

It was a nice trip. If you are going to Maine and you want my opinion, feel free to drop me a line. I'd avoid I-90, i.e. Mass Turnpike, westbound if you can.


Bubba's Sis said...

Glad you're back home safely - and I bet you did think about me a little bit while you were gone.

katielady said...

I agree with everything, except that I like to hike, too.

Bubba's Mom said...

Did you have trouble pahking the cah? Do you think NYC is as fah narth as you'd like ta go?? I guess you did have nice cool weather though, right? And we thought about y'all - a lot!

Bubba's Sis said...

But how do you really feel about the Mass. Turnpike?