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Saturday, September 23, 2006


So, everyone should know by now if you read Katie's blog, we're having a boy! I'm excited. Lots of ball games in my future! We bought the crib today! The one we had picked out was discontinued, so we had to debate in the store, but we went up in price instead of down. I had the "gun" while we finished our registry, so there's lots of different sports stuff.

I finally found a "Texas Aggies" t-shirt online. I want one that says "Texas Aggies" as our Yankee AD (he's from Idaho, or some yankee state up there) has decided that people in Ohio get Texas Aggies mixed up with texas longhorns, so we must brand Texas A&M. I say, screw people in Ohio. The one problem with my "Texas Aggies" shirt, .... IT'S GREEN! WHY?

Finally, I had to work this morning, after my boss emailed FRIDAY MORNING from CHICAGO, that he wanted everyone to work one day this weekend, then we had to tell him which day. I deleted email, went in Sat. morning for a half day. I could write a book about things I think are wrong with my industry, my boss, and my office atmosphere. I told them all about the baby this week, I'm sure they will soon forget. My boss can't remember where I went to college, even though I've told him 5 times at least. So, that tells me my boss doesn't give a damn about me, just makes small talk when he thinks it's appropriate. Let's just say, there is not a family atmosphere there. But I have prospects elsewhere, as NY with baby is very expensive. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not the Dallas office of my company.


cjh said...

Are we going to get to hear about the other prospects?

angelq said...

Can I suggest a prospect. I'm trying to not be pushy...and I'm not saying it's the best ever job I had, but there is a family atmosphere (at least amongst us peons). I'm just sayin', you might consider it.

Bubba said...


If I went to said company, I'd be interested in the Austin office. What do you know about the Austin office?

angelq said...

Much smaller. But I think it's still a good office. FYI our biggest competitor in Austin is Jaster-Quintanilla (sp?).