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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Miscellaneous post.

First, our "green" neighbors, the ones that own the lawn mower that you plug in (I guess burning coal is better than burning gasoline) were at the pool yesterday. (At least she was, with the 2 year old.) This isn't news, except she drove to the pool, which is maybe a 1/4 mile walk. I hope she took their Civic hybrid. We just laugh and now don't take anything "green" she says seriously.

Second, Lucy is coming to Houston. Lucy is the really old hominid fossil, think ape-man, err woman. She has never left Ethiopia. There seems to be a bit of a controversy, read about it here at NPR's website. It seems some researchers, scientist, hominid's think she is too fragile to travel and this 10 city tour (Houston is the only confirmed stop) will eventually destroy the fossil. Seems to me they just want to keep her locked up for themselves. Free Lucy!

Third, another hedge fund article from my hero, Ben Stein, in the NY Times. I don't think anyone reads these, but they should. And comment on it.

Fourth, the new Oilers beat the Cowboys on Saturday.

Fifth, the Astros retired Jeff Bagwell's jersey number, #5, today. We got to go on Friday night on friends company tickets. Club level, it was nice. Beer tip at Minute Maid, if you can, get the 24 oz (Shiner, Corona) for $9 and split with your life partner. Best bet.

Finally, college football is starting again, so look for SWC Game of the Week!


Katie Lady said...

The green neighbor also asked how my breast-feeding was going. We have now had a total of 2 conversations in the 3 months we've lived here, and she has asked me about BFing in BOTH of them! Weirdo.

Bubba's Sis said...

Your life partner???

Yay new Oilers! Love ya, Blue!

No one reads about hedge funds because they're boring. I like posts like this one much better!

cjh said...

Only a sister could call your posts boring. Ok, crazy "green" neighbors. I'd be concerned about her interest in your life partner's boobs. I'm totally going to see Lucy. I laughed at "the new Oilers" and again at Sis' "Love ya, Blue." Man, we're old school. I was at the game on Friday, too. Did you stay for the whole thing? And then the fireworks? Wasn't 80s night totally rad?

Bubba said...

We went home to relieve our baby sitter after the 10th inning. I went to bed after the 14th inning. 80's night was fine I guess.