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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Texas Torchlight Parade

This year's torchlight parade was Wed. night at 8 PM. How does this rank up there with other pregame traditions?
Originally lead by the Texas Cowboys, a male spirit organization, the Parade is walked on foot with various leaders of spirit organizations holding torches leading the way. The Longhorn Band and the student body follow the torchbearers in the parade. The parade starts at Kinsolving Dormitory located at the northwestern end of campus on Dean Keeton and Whitis Ave. The procession moves south down Guadalupe (the Drag) and turns on 21st Street where it then proceeds up the South Mall to the Main Mall where a "Texas" sized Pep Rally is held to show support for the Longhorn football team.


Katie Lady said...

I actually got to participate in that parade a few years, as the Longhorn Singers would perform a few songs with parodied words about stomping OU. It was lots of fun!

Also, after the parade is when the ROTC guys leave and run the ball to Dallas. My sis was involved in the caravan of that event a few times (she was in the Navy ROTC).

Bubba's Sis said...

I still think it pales in comparison to bonfire.....