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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bush as Antichrist

Good article from Seattle Weekly News about Bush as the antichrist.

I have trouble buying into the whole Bush is an evil liar and we are entering a dark period in our country's history, but the article makes some good points. What is it to be a Christian? We are not called to judge one another. Without compassion the message of Christ falls apart. But, and this is where I think the Church is going down the wrong path, Christ calls us to change our sinful ways and follow him. So the Church should welcome all, we are all sinners, but call everyone to change their lifes and follow Christ. The Church can not accept sinful lifestyles, behavior as o.k. because it is politically correct to do so.

Also, Christians must help the poor and less fortunate. Our country is extremely wealthy and I think the biggest obsticle in an American's walk with Christ is money.

Another note, Christ did not come for a political kingdom, but a spiritual kingdom.

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