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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Natalist's and more on "Exburbs"

David Brooks article in today's New York Times is about natalist's.

They are having three, four or more kids. Their personal identity is defined by parenthood. They are more spiritually, emotionally and physically invested in their homes than in any other sphere of life, having concluded that parenthood is the most enriching and elevating thing they can do. Very often they have sacrificed pleasures like sophisticated movies, restaurant dining and foreign travel, let alone competitive careers and disposable income, for the sake of their parental calling.

The article gets better after the initial condeming. He goes on to say that the natalist's see the exburbs as a good place to raise a family while others see it as a materialistic wasteland. Then he concludes his article by saying that natalist's are rejecting the material world and choosing to have a family.

This one will get lots of letters saying these people are escaping reality and not fullfilling their destiny. There is something in the left's message about accepting lifestyles that are different from yours but I forget. Maybe I'm just anticipating the reaction with a pessimistic mind.

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