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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More Cartoons...

Were you aware that these cartoons were published in September? Also, several of the cartoons being distributed were never published in the Danish paper. Read this from the Wall Street Journal.

Under pressure from young radicals for results, Mr. Abu-Laban, the Copenhagen cleric at the forefront of the campaign, and several others formed the "European Committee for Honoring the Prophet," an umbrella group that now claims to represent 27 organizations across a wide spectrum of the Islamic community. (Moderate Muslims dispute this and say the group has been hijacked by radicals.)

Frustrated by the Danish government's response, the committee decided after a series of meetings in October and November that "our only option was take our case outside Denmark," Mr. Abu-Laban says. There was growing interest from Muslim ambassadors in Copenhagen and their home governments, including Egypt.

Seems some are using this to spread their hate.

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Wes Raine said...

The cartoons were also published in an Egyptian newspaper in October. Apparently it's only a problem when a religious fanatic's poll numbers are slipping.