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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Golden Arches

So, there is a new McDonald's in my neighborhood. Now, our neighborhood is rich yuppies with kids in the Upper West Side, so politically they hate big stories like McDonald's and Walmart. After all, those are for the ignorant bunch in "middle America." But, one blog east is a lower income neighborhood, including public housing. These folks eat at McDonald's.

So, today, they had the clown, Ronald, out there talking to the kids. It must have been a nightmare for the yuppie parents with their kids.

Now, we don't eat at McDonald's. It is more because we really don't eat fast food unless we are on a road trip, then you don't really have choices. And we watched "Super Size Me," so now we don't want eat there for health reasons. But, if they want to put a McDonald's on your street, I don't see how it is worth getting upset about. Just don't eat there. And if it's 11 PM and you want tasty fries, you have that option.

Another thing about this that is interesting is to me it relates the growing trend in Manhattan of the dreaded chains moving in. It is ironic, that normal people can't hardly afford to live here, and those that are rich don't like chains, but chains are the only ones that can afford to put a store in. So, Manhattan is turning into a big outdoor mall.


M.B.S. said...

"Just don't eat there. And if it's 11 PM and you want tasty fries, you have that option. "

But that's the problem. If it's easy, we'll all (eventually, even occasionally) go there. And we will grow second asses and take fewer breaths on this planet.

I was thinking about going to McD's today. Thanks for stopping me.

Bubba's Sis said...

McDonald's isn't healthy??

japruf said...

Often, it is not that the market even supports rents that a place like walmart is willing to pay, but that they are willing to pay above market to get in. The worst offender are the personal banks, i have two branches within 3 blocks, one in each direction. Bank braches are sucky community members because they close early and don't really attract street traffic. So, you walk down a street with no one on it in the evening because the bank isn't open.

japruf said...

to clarify, I mean two branches of my bank within three blocks, there are many branches of other banks in the same area

katielady said...

Last night when we emerged from the subway about 9:45, it smelled of pancakes and syrup. I think it was the McDonalds.

Of course, then I wanted pancakes and syrup. My stomach is highly-suggestive these days.

Timmie Smith said...

After going a couple years without eating at McDonald's I'm starting to support them again. We don't go to the restaurants here in town, but on a road trip the restaurants with Play Places are something I look out for. Ana isn't interested in the food, but I'm interested in an outdoor area that is well fenced so she can run around for 15 minutes to burn off some energy before spending another two hours in the car. I buy an order of fries and a drink because I think stopping to use facilities at a place and not buying anything isn't right.