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Friday, October 27, 2006


One of my favorite songs is Guy Clark's Dublin Blues. I like this line, "I'd loved you from the git go, and I'll love you when I die. I loved you on the Spainish Steps the day you said goodbye."

I think that's how Katie and I are, I loved her from the git go, and I'll love her when I die. She did not however say goodbye to me last fall when we were on the Spainish Steps in Rome.

I like the first line too, "I wish I was in Austin, In the Chili Parlour Bar, Drinkin' Mad Dog Margaritas, And not carin' where you are." That's what I want to say to my boss some days.

You know, I turn 30 on Monday. So I thought I should blog on turning 30. This is the first installment. Number one in my life is my love, Katielady. And I loved her from the git go.


katielady said...

I love you too, Bubba.

I loved you first, btw. And you know it, too. ;)

cjh said...

That's terribly sweet... Is baseball #2?

Bubba's Mom said...

That is too sweet Bubba! And I remember seeing that first little spark between you two. Ain't love grand???

Bubba's Sis said...


No, cjh - his sister is #2.

roxanne said...

I love this post!

Happy Birthday!!!

cjh said...

Happy birthday, Bubba!

roxanne said...

If this is the first installment, where is the second one? How did the birthday turn out? Was this your scariest Halloween ever, or do you now realize in your age-d wisdom that 30's just a number???