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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Aggies Upset KU

If you haven't read in the papers yet, A&M beat Kansas last night in men's basketball in Lawerence, Kansas. This is the first win over KU ever for the Aggies, the first win for a Big 12 South opponent in Kansas. The Aggies overcame a 11 point 2nd half deficit and finished on a 17-4 run, highlighted by Acie Law IV's 3 pointer from the corner to give the Aggies a 1 point lead with 20 seconds left.

Why this win is sweet for Bubba. I was an Aggie basketball fan back before we were good. In my 6 years at A&M I never saw them beat our rival texas. When the Big 12 was formed, Kansas and Missouri complained that the Texas schools were going to drag the conference down. Well, now you're looking up to us.

It was one of the top sporting event watching moments for me. So much so, I'm watching again on ESPN Classic this morning!


katielady said...

So is katielady. And Baby Drew. In utero, of course. Because he's still not here. ~sigh~ I don't think even his arrival could top this win for Bubba.

Bubba's Mom said...

Oh yes it can, katielady! New baby boys trump basketball games any day.