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Friday, February 09, 2007

My boss is an A-hole

I emailed saying I really wanted to take the next week off, which he asked if I was going to take 2 weeks before Drew came, so I thought taking 2 weeks wouldn't be bad. His response: I need to know where this is, where this is, can you do this at home next week, and where is this. Also thrown in this was "we're real busy with this," so I'd feel guilty about staying home. Nice! No, how are things going, congrats again, nothing. This will be fresh in mind when resignation comes.

I email back saying where things are, but not addressing item 3, can I do this at home. So the response, what about item 3. So, I'm coming in one day next week to take care of that and get them off my back. Let alone this is vacation that I'VE EARNED LAST YEAR and carryed over to this year for this particular purpose.

Note to employers: If you treat your employees good, they will want to stay and work for you. If you try to squeeze every little ounce of work out of them and show no interest in anything they are doing outside of work, like celebrating the birth of their first child, they will not want to work for you and will leave.


angelq said...

I feel your pain, Bubba. Don't feel guilty about staying home longer than you originally may have planned. What are they going to do? Fire you? HA! If they're that busy...No.

To add to that: earlier this week our marketing group was meeting with one of the owners and discussing extracurricular company activities like sandcastle and CANstruction competitions. No one has wanted to participate this year because they are too busy and some of the bosses have implied that they are too busy to help. Mr. Owner's comment was, "I don't understand it. It seems like people are more interested in preserving their quality of life, rather than doing their jobs."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

cjh said...

Good grief. It's so true... At my last job, whenever everyone jumped ship, the company decided that they just couldn't compete with the salaries other companies were offering. While the salary increase was nice, if they had just been a little appreciative of our hard work we all would have stayed at least a little longer. A kind word is free, people.

katielady said...

Yeah, the kicker for me was the lack of congrats, how's it going, etc. At MY place of employment, I've had several emails to my personal account, plus dozens more to my work email, congratulating me, etc. Bubba's employer can kiss my rosy-red arse.