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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More on Liar Beltran

From the Houston Chronicle Richard Justice:

"The thing that was disappointing is that we never really had any negotiations until Saturday night," McLane said. "We tried. We offered to fly to Puerto Rico. We've negotiated five contracts with Craig Biggio and four with Jeff Bagwell. Every time we did it with the player in the room. I thought if we could all sit down, Carlos included, we could get a deal done."

Funny, Beltran was quite impressed with the Mets coming to Puerto Rico, this from ESPN:

Boras suggested the two sides meet in Miami. Minaya, fresh off his successful recruiting trip to the Dominican Republic where he charmed pitcher Pedro Martinez with Thanksgiving dinner, said the Mets would travel to San Juan to see Beltran on his home turf.

Earlier in the day ESPN ran this as well, they have since taken it down, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Beltran said he was impressed that Mets owner Fred Wilpon and general manager Omar Minaya flew down to visit him in his native Puerto Rico.
So, the Astros were not allowed or welcome to come to Puerto Rico, which was apparently the deciding factor. What a loser.

Lets talk no-trade clause again, as Beltran is using that as his good guy out. This is what Drayton McLane says in Justice's piece in the Chronicle.

McLane acknowledged he had offered only a partial no-trade clause, but he emphasized there were a host of other unresolved issues. He considered all of them negotiable.

He said the real problem was that the two sides didn't really begin negotiating until the deadline was closing in. He said he tried to draw Boras into serious discussions several times but was always put off.

And from Richard Justice's Q&A on the Chronicle, you may have to scrow down...

Question: Do you really think that the no-trade clause was the primary reason that Carlos Beltran picked the Mets over the Astros?
Roger in Houston

Answer: I don't think the no-trade killed it, but it does make for a convenient excuse now. I'm sure Scott Boras wants everyone to think that's what did it. Based on what I've been told, Drayton McLane and Scott talked at around 8:30 Saturday morning and Scott agreed to get back to him. He did -- at 7 p.m. At that point, he started making big changes to the deal. He wanted more money moved up front. He wanted a longer contract. He wanted a no-trade clause. There were so many issues on the table that they never got down specifically to the no-trade clause. If they'd been able to agree on everything else, the no-trade clause wouldn't have killed the deal. In the end, they never had anything approaching real negotiations, at least in the usual sense. I think it struck the Astros late Saturday that Beltran never had any intention of re-signing with them. I'm not sure we'll ever know his reasons.

CARLOS, STOP THE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He states the Mets really wanted him, like the Astros didn't. He got the petition that everyone in Houston signed that said they wanted him back. Did he read any of the signs at the stadium? What a louse.

The bottom line is he had no intention of every signing with Houston. Boras wanted him in NY, so that is where he is. That is fine, it is life as a fan of a mid market team. I understand that, I never thought the Astros would sign him. But he doesn't have to drag the Astros through the mud and lie about everything like he did. Scott Boras is the devil. I'm sick of the lies. Come clean Carlos, stop the lies.

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