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Monday, January 24, 2005


O.K. first everyone should know that I was the first to utter the phrase, "Blizzard of 2005." That was Friday night when we were out with friends. It was butt cold Friday night and the storm was coming. I think I should get royalty or something.

So, in New York City we got 14" of snow, that is a substantial amount of snow, but nothing to write home about. It is enough to blog about, but not to write home. We enjoyed the snow, or I did, don't know about Mrs. Bubba. When you grow up a Bubba, you don't see much snow. We went out on Sat. when it was snowing and took some pictures. We saw the frozen Hudson River, which was cool. Then Mrs. Bubba sang in Carnegie Hall on Sat. night, so we went down to Midtown for the concert. Sunday the snow had stopped by the time we got up and about. But we went sledding, which I have only done once in Crested Butte, CO on a ski trip. We took pictures there too. I did the double black diamond slope. Our friend took out 5 people at the bottom of the hill, it was like bowling. One guy was going down on a raft, that was cool. The disk is the most fun because you can spin around and circles and go down the hill. Lots of fun.

The not so fun part of snow is now, now that it will be around until Opening Day of the baseball season. Stained yellow, turned brown, gross. You try not to drop anything in the subway these days, as the floor is gross, wet and muddy. But fun things turn up, like frozen vomit, frozen pooh, etc.

We are suppose to get another 1" to 2" on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and that will be a nice topping. It was snowing when I left work, but not when I got off the subway at home, so we will just get flurries tonight.

All and all, snow is cool, errr.... cold.


katielady said...

Mrs. Bubba likes the snow! But she doesn't like the slushy mud because she only has one pair of shoes that can handle that mess! Which means she has to carry her work shoes in her bag, or be known as the girl-who-wears-the-same-shoes-everyday. Men totally don't get the shoe thing. But that's for another blog.

Pigs said...

Frozen pooh!!! Heeee! It is 77 degrees here right now. But I guess you don't want to hear about that, huh?

Bubba's Mom said...

Remember - don't eat yellow snow! Even Bubbas can remember that.