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Monday, June 18, 2007

More Neighborhoods ... Houston Heights...

So this article was in the Houston Chronicle Blog about the Houston Heights. The Houston Heights was incorporated in 1891 as Houston's first suburb. Houston would later annex the Heights. Read here for more information about the history of the Heights.

The Heights is experiencing a come back of sorts and is now the home of the Bubba's. We live in a house built in 1925 and have a full lot. There are quite a bit of new homes in the Heights, but most are built in the Victorian style, preserving the distinct architecture of the Heights. I would argue they are too big and too close together, but at least they look nice.

Now on the blog post. The Heights is mostly residential houses, some apartments. Not much night life as the boundaries of the Historical District is dry. We like it here, as it seems like a neighborhood, people get out and walk and ride their bikes, and most have decided to forgo the big suburb McMansion and want to live in an older home with character in town. I like this quote and I think it goes well with my previous post about New York. Now more than ever, as a home owner I have a vested interest in what goes on in the Heights and thank that the community should have a say in future development. How can you be against having a say in what happens to your neighborhood?

No, this task belongs to us. Magnolia Lofts or no, change is coming to this neighborhood, as it does to all neighborhoods at all times. And an active, organized voice is the only thing that will allow Heights residents to have a say in that change.

Is what's happened to Freedmen's Town the Heights' fate? Is this is a good thing? There are many issues involved here. What do you think?

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