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Thursday, November 25, 2004


O.K. I'll finally weigh in on the NBA brawl. John Lopez from the Houston Chronicle has an interesting article today about how the fans treatment of the players has not changed, but the type of players in the league has changed. Apparently the treatment of players from fans used to be worse, but the players wouldn't react.

I don't think that any player should ever go after a fan in the stands. Artest should be done for the season for his failure to control his emotions. And the players that followed him into the stands should also receive stiff penalties, which they have.

I also think the fans should be held accountable. The mentality of some fans seems to be that there is a barrior between them in the stands and the players on the court. Because of this barrior they can say anything, throw anything and they are safe, behind the barrior. As the players were leaving the court, all the fans throwing things on them were only further inciting the situation. Any fan that comes onto the court gets what they deserve. I don't think a fan would come up to Ron Artest on the street and throw their beer at him.

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