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Monday, November 15, 2004

Live from the Upper West Side

Why is it that the local news these days always feels like they have to have someone live somewhere. They could be doing a report on airport security and they will go from the studio to a reporter, "Live at JFK airport." He will then introduce the report, then they run the tape filmed earlier in the day, then back to the reporter who will do his conclusion and back to the studio. Why does he have to be live? He could have done the exact same thing sitting next to the anchor at the desk. The viewer can see the airport in the background, that is it. Last night the news was "Live from Queens" to report on the threat letter that the Presbyterian Church, USA has received. The letter was sent from Queens, so they were there live. But the letter was sent to the Presbyterian Church headquarters in Kentucky. Shouldn't they have gone there?

I've seen them do reports about something in a neighborhood and they will have a reporter, "Live on the scene in University Park," and it is dark so you can't see anything but the reporter. This is almost as dumb as making the poor chump stand out in the hurricane to tell us it is really windy.

Does anyone know why this happens?

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Pigs said...

Don't know why, but you're right about the hurricane guy in the wind. As though we, the viewer wouldn't believe just HOW windy it was were it not for the fool in the yellow slicker trying to hang on to his toupee. When we lived in Raleigh, we had the same guy when it would ice or snow a little. He's be out on the side of the beltline, traffic speeding beside him, rubbing his shoe on the asphalt while he verbally indicated just how treacherous the roads were. (cars still whizzing by)