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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Churches and Presidents

Don't know if you've been following the debate at SMU (Bubba's Dad is a Grad, as well as Bubba's Granddaddy.) But the George W. Bush Presidential Library has narrowed it's choice to one, SMU. But it seems some at SMU don't want to be associated with the Bush politics and a "think tank" planned at the library.

Now it appears Methodists don't want to be associated with the library, see Dallas Morning News article.

Now, what I find amusing is Bush is a Methodist and the Methodist don't want him. Plus I remember when Clinton (who is a Baptist) was not wanted by the Baptists.


angelq said...

Now, I was raised Catholic so I can't quote verse to anyone, but I'm pretty sure there is some stuff in the Bible (you may have to dig real deep) about forgiveness, not judging others, acceptance of all people and how God loves all of us. Do you think God has "spoken" to these people and said, "Hey, get rid of that guy, if you can..."

Timmie Smith said...

The folks in Waco are eating this up. Let the library wind up there, then we'll have three presidential libraries within 90 miles of one another.

As much of a mess as Waco is with construction now though, I shudder to think what a disaster it will be while they do all the construction and city improvements for the library.

katielady said...

I think it's funny.