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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

For Baby Drew

Baby Drew, we're waiting for you. When are you going to come out and play? We've got your crib on the way to be set up on Saturday. I'll have to teach you how to handle things when they don't go the way you want, like the crib episode. Sometimes if you're patient you might end up with something better. Another lesson for me to teach you from this is sometimes you need to step up and take charge of the situation instead of just waiting to see what happens.

We were watching the NFL playoffs last weekend, waiting for you. I'll have to teach you about the old SWC, which I miss. And I'll teach you about the old time football players, like Doak Walker, who played at SMU and was my Granddaddy's favorite player. I think you'll like football. I can't wait to take you to a game at A&M. I know that your Mama may smirk, you know she went to the other school, but maybe some day we can sneak away, just the two of us. We can go see Uncle Tim Smith, my old college roommate. You'll love Tim Smith, and you two can talk about computers and stuff. You'll probably think we're silly together, but I wish for you a friend like Tim Smith.

Today they annouced the Baseball Hall of Fame inductees while we wait for you. Of course I'm going to teach you my other love (besides you and mama) and that's baseball. I'll teach you to throw and catch, to hit and run the bases. I'll teach you about the Astros. I'll teach you to play your best and to play to win, but I'll also teach you that sometimes you won't win, and that's o.k. too. I can't wait to take you to your first Astros game. We can watch the game, eat hotdogs and I might buy you a big foam finger. My Daddy, your Granddaddy, used to take me to Astros games all the time, and I'm sure he'll join us on our outings. I want to teach you how to watch, but mostly I'd like you to learn that what is most important is spending time together.

I'm a little frustrated at work, but I've got a new job lined up so I can take care of you and Mama. I'd like you to learn that money doesn't grow on tress, that you need to work to earn it, and hard work is admirable. But it won't be all work, life is fun too, and we work so we can have the fun times.

This Sunday I'm going to teach our Sunday School Class. We're going to take you to Church. We pray for you already, every night. My prayer is for you to come to love Jesus on your own terms, and that you will walk with him all your life.

We play music for you sometimes, while you're still in the womb. Maybe you will be a muscian, like your Mama and her family. That would be great. I want to encourage you in your endeavers, whatever they are. I'd like you to teach me things that I don't know. I can't wait to discover new things with you.

I really love your Mama, and we are so excited to see you. I'd like to you see how much I love your mama, and to learn the way to treat a woman.

There's so much for me to teach you, I can't wait for you to show up. We've got time I suppose, and I'm sure I'm getting ahead of myself. But I feel some pressue to be a good daddy for you. You see Drew, I had a great daddy, so I've got alot to live up to.


wendy bird said...

What a sweet daddy you are...

cjh said...

Awww, that's really nice. Good luck! I know you'll both be great parents (and I haven't even met Katie yet).

Bubba's Sis said...

And now I'm crying....

You are the sweetest, Bubba!

japruf said...