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Friday, January 19, 2007

Storm in Europe

Did you see the storm in Europe? High winds, etc. Those crazy pics of planes taking off sideways? Yikes! I saw this note from the NY Times article:

The name Kyrill stems from a German practice of naming weather systems. Anyone may name one, for a fee. Naming a high-pressure system costs $385, while low-pressure systems, which are more common, go for $256. Three siblings paid to name this system as a 65th birthday gift for their father, not knowing that it would grow into a fierce storm.

Strange, but I'd like someone to name the next Hurricane after me. "Hurricane Bubba made landfall today at 8:30 10 miles SW of Port Arther."


katielady said...

What a strange way to tell someone you love them!

Timmie Smith said...

The perfect gift for the man that has everything? The cheesy name a star after someone seems like a better thing to do. At least that is much less likely to cause destruction.

Roxanne said...

From the article, there's a picture of a cow in Scotland that got snowed in. Too cute!